Sending Cards And Funyuns Day…

It probably all started when I mentioned to Hubs how much I enjoy receiving cards ,

real cards in my post box at the end of the drive,

with stamps on them.

I asked him to suggest to those offspring of mine who pick up the phone to wish me,

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

or send a text,

“Birthday Gift!  I’ll call later.”

or say, as an afterthought, when they’ve called about the meaning of a long word like amortization,

“…oh and happy birthday, hopefully I’ll see you soon, can you make one of those yummy Bakewell tarts the next time I come over?”

that a card would be greatly appreciated, something I can stash away in a drawer to mull over later to remind me that Mothers Matter.

“E-cards don’t count,” I cautioned.

Oddly I can never open them.  For some reason I don’t have the tools on my MacBook Pro.

Maybe my Apple product feels the same way I do.

Daughts is good at writing notes, even though she lives at Footlights, just across the drive, she’ll pop over when I’m out, with a handful of wildflowers,


and a card that reads,

Could have sent you a text, or posted on your wall, but I like you enough to give you a real card,

with a few handwritten words,

“…you are the most selfless, beautiful,woman I know…God truly blessed me with you…”

See what I mean?  Carefully chosen words that take a little more than a second to tap out on a keyboard,

“…here’s to my very favorite English Mum.”

Her choice of words make me smile and I tuck the card away to re-read on those days I’m writing a blog or feeling under-cherished…

Who are those other English Mums anyway, those who may one day find favor?

After Hubs’ gentle suggestions I received a rare Mother’s Day card from Perripoppins, my nanny daughter,

“I’m so lucky to have a Mum like you…I wish I could be there to make you breakfast in bed…”

She’s the touchy feely one who wants to nurture and comfort with all things chocolate!  My kinda gal!

And my oldest son, the film maker, took up the challenge with gusto and told Hubs,

“Cards?  Mum wants cards…  I’ll give her cards!”

He sends me one a month.

I reciprocate by sending him one a month!

We put the ‘open on’ date on the back and many’s the month I’ve looked at sealed envelopes propped against my desk lamp for a week in anticipation of what happy message lies inside.

I’ve had cards for when the clocks spring forward, Columbus Day, new moon, Ash Wednesday and many others, all with a personal flashback to our lives together before he became an independent adult and left me.

Such a delightful exchange.

Yesterday morning I opened his September card and in it was a challenge,

“So, on this Funyuns’ Eve,” he wrote, “reflect on all the silly but much loved traditions that we had as a family…”

Funyuns!  Yes, that is a good tradition…

Find out more in my next post!

Happy Funyuns day Ina!


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