A Visit to my Daughter…

Our trip this week involved my daughter.

She was officially on half-term but unofficially rehearsing so we couldn’t whisk her away to a sunny island to cement her berry brown tan she had been working on between clouds and classes.

The day was lovely and forecast to be the last in the week of delicious weather.  My central heating was back on standby just in case the temperatures plummeted again.

We ate lunch at the very first pub Malia and I had visited when we first came to Leigh over a year ago.  We ate the same thing too, a shared platter of fish and chips!



Hubs was brave and bought himself a tub of mixed fruit-de-mer, cockles, octopus, calamari, cockles, shrimp and mussels.  He didn’t have to share with anyone!



Replete, we caught the train to South End to walk the longest pier in the world at 1.3 miles.  I’ve been wanting to do this since last September but it has been closed for repairs twice while we’ve been here because fishing boats and barges keep running into it!

We walked along, gingerly, because there were gaps in the wooden planks where the estuary could be seen to be getting deeper with every step we took!  New boards were attached alarmingly to the old and creaked ominously above the roar of the wind as we neared the one mile point.



The only attraction on the pier was a cafe with a sign announcing “take away” which my daughter found amusing,

“I’ll be right back love, just popping down the pier to get some chips, I won’t be an hour!”

and toilets where hubs found himself waiting at the appropriate point,

WhereRthey?The long, cold walk did not only cost us a few pounds it left me with a pounding headache which, because I had promised my star barista daughter I would visit her Starbucks afterwards, was remedied in the next best way,


a giant Bakewell tart!!

With a quick backward glance at where we were headed,



we made it back to South End for a cup of coffee to warm us up!


I caught a picture of the fishing boats bobbing along on the high tide as we trained our way home to London.

LeighBoatsWhat a luvverly day at the sea-side!

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