Callie Frolics…

Callie our calico cat turned 9 on May 8th.

Compared to the 4 year old boys she’s an old lady, and she does spend most of her day sleeping in her comfy nest in the pretty little bedroom chair she adopted the minute it came in the house.


So beloved did it become that we moved it into the kitchen where she can be in the middle of life at Footlights.

An added benefit is that it’s directly beneath the heat and air-conditioning vent.


Before the barn cats joined our household she would keep Hubs and I amused by playing with a piece of rope, a peacock feather or a long ribbon, running amok on the terracotta tile floor.  But we have had to limit her sport since Magic has a tendency to pick up and swallow anything ribbon-like that he finds causing the need for surgery…a one-time occurrence we decided when we paid the hefty bill…so we keep everything that may tempt him out of the way, including Callie’s favourite toy,

The Rubber Band.

The other evening after she’d eaten her habitual 3 pieces of arugula, Madge and Shads were outside on a screen porch absorbed in bird watching, so I gave her one.

She didn’t disappoint.

The spontaneous activity obviously fanned her spark for a good old frolic; when she grew bored with the band she hopped down and went over to our back door to roll on the floor,

in some,


irresistible scent.

See those cats eyes catching the overhead lights!

Today she’s back in her dowager chair soundly sleeping.


It’s good to know her playful streak hasn’t completely been quashed by her room-mates!

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