Baby Shower Time…

On Sunday Hubs and I threw a baby shower for Olivia Grace, due April 26th.

Daughts and her Hubs attended with her since she’s in vitro for five more weeks.

However, thanks to a sonogram we already know what she looks like,

which is quite ethereal,


or more precisely,


I had plenty of time to think about what I was going to do for her shower since Daughts was quite adamant that it could not be inside and she only wanted a few people to attend.

In the end the few people became about two dozen, Rigsby neighbours who had known Daughts and Sam during their four year stay at Footlights-in-the-Barn and family from both sides.

First things first, I made the shower invitations and sent them on their way,


and a set of matching Thank-You’s complete with stamps and address labels!

Hubs and I got busy cleaning inside and out, banishing leaves from the pavillion,

positioning tables and gliders, draping cloths, making table arrangements, and keeping an eye on the weather, that we had no control over!

We cooked all day Saturday and watched a streamed evening mass.

And Sunday dawned cloudlessly.

And we hit the ground running.

As a nod to the Covid season I had ordered cups with lids for individual portions of salads.

We assembled,

Chicken Caesar Salads, Taco salads and Fruit Parfaits,

My bird keeper son and I had made a few clutches of scotch eggs, a throw back to their 2016 wedding and a brunch favourite with all of us;

And we added individual bags of fritos,

mustard and maple syrup.

and plastic flatware in mason jars.


I had asked a friend from church to make the savoury and sweet scones she had made for their wedding breakfast 5 years ago, another link in their journey to this point;

And we added butters and jams.

I had asked a neighbour to make her award winning fried pies; I mean, fried pies are as Southern as cowboy boots aren’t they?

And we added tongs for serving.

I had asked the daughter of my English winery owner friend to make me a few dozen cake balls, beautifully decorated in Daughts’ boho neutrals and too pretty to be anything less than Gems.

And we added doilies.


We iced the waters and champagne,


We added small flowering plants to the tables and designated a place for gifts,


When the first guests arrived we were ready…just!

And so was the surprise guest,



the 3 week dorper lamb being hand raised by my fried pie making neighbour.

She didn’t steal the show but she did add to my rustic/rural/baby theme

and Daughts agreed!


Such a lovely afternoon which will make a wonderful memory and record of how thrilled and excited we are to welcome Daughts’ and Sam’s first child and become Mama Viv and ElRay.

As I’ve said before there’s nothing that comes close to being the mother of a mother-to-be.

There’s no comparison.


“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked.

“What are we having?” she pried.

“Can I come early to help set-up?” she cajoled.

“Nope, just come at noon, be surprised and enjoy,” I said with a hug.


and judging by this picture I think they were and did!

Thanks for letting me do my thing!


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2021-03-31 20:49:46 Reply

It was beautiful – as you always do and are!

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