Coffee and A….Cat

On Saturday mornings we stay in bed a little bit, to drink coffee and eat cake…

Well, Hubs eats cake, it’s just coffee for me.

Back in the days before I changed my dietary habits we used to have pain aux chocolat on a Saturday morning…back in the days…

…for me it’s just coffee now.  Hubs makes do with a piece of homemade banana-nut bread, warmed in the oven and topped with a dab of butter.

I content myself with the fabulous aroma!

Recently Shad’s has been showing up on the bed to wistfully eye Hubs’ delicacy.


He looks precious, not at all drooly like a dog, so he is rewarded for his patience with a crumb or two, which, because he’s a cat and contrary, he invariably ignores.

It must be the idea of begging that appeals to him because once he’s finished pecking at the crumbs he vanishes leaving us alone for the rest of the coffee ritual.

We usually prepare the tray on Friday evening; I use china that’s been handed down or that I’ve brought from England just so that it gets out of the cupboard every now and again and isn’t forgotten about and eventually given away.

This week, in order to get a head start, we found Shads had included himself in the set-up of cups and saucers,


Too adorable!

Coffee And A…Cat.

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