Happy Birthday Simon…

Twenty-seven years ago today my second child was born.

Simon, my Blue-Eyed Son to go with Hubs, my Blue-Eyed Cowboy.

As a youngster he was very co-ordinated and practical, preferring to be doing things rather than sitting quietly reading or writing.

But most boys are like that aren’t they?


Long Bows

The two blue-eyed’s are going to learn this new sport together…

They already have their concealed hand gun licenses…soooo Texan!  With a little bit of the Brit to balance things out.

Simon went from tricycle to bicycle from gears to fixie and never looked back.

He clambered on counters and up trees and climbs rocks now with an upper body strength that leaves me helplessly grounded at the bottom of the boulder.

Ice fishing was a recent addition to his skills,


pounding a hole through 16 inches of ice is the sign of a dedicated sportsman I’d say!

He has carved rocks from Stone Beach in Broadstairs allowing crocodiles, whales and crosses to spring from the ordinary chalk pebbles.

He whittles wood into beer pulls and patio furniture,


taking after both his grandfathers and his Dad!

He also uses his carpentry skills to hang shelves and build countertops making his home at The Perch a more comfortable place.

He coaxed a necklace from a cube of aluminum, designed the ring to woo his future bride and pledged to love her forever almost two years ago.

He has raised chickens who lay eggs for him, and two blue winged macaws that fluff up with baby love when he walks past.

He has turned his pile of dirt, delivered a few weeks ago, into this Mandala style vegetable garden,


showing all the signs of becoming a successful homesteader.

He and his wife have a non-profit company and together they own hawks and an owl that they use for educational talks.

They were last seen making snow angels in Adrian, Michigan, her home town.


Happy Birthday Simon.

I love you!



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El Ray

2015-03-03 22:39:45 Reply

Very nice tribute to a very nice son.

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