Happy Birthday Twinkle-Et-Toes…

Let’s start at the very beginning shall we?

Your Papa and I fell for each other hook, line and sinker in the City of Love…


So, when we started our family we had already decided on what we were going to call our first girl…

After two non-girl babies the time eventually came for us borrow this beautiful name and give it to you.

I was so excited, and so young!

And as you can see by the quality of the picture – digital photography hadn’t been invented yet – it was a long, long time ago!!

I knew you were going to be a girl, you were baby number 3 and I had Motherhood down!


Aww what a beautiful treat you were after two boys.

Perfect as the pretty flowers that gave you your nick-name Periwinkle!

Well, not exactly true!

Parisiennes call their city ‘Paree’ and Paree-Winkle became a nick name for you that quickly morphed into Peri-winkle when I bought the only flowers that were for sale at Minyards that July.

Their dusky pink colour will always remind me of you.

The playful name has stuck throughout the years becoming Periwinkle Twinkletoes often shortened to simply Winks!

Over the years you developed your unique personality firmly grounded in Christ.

You were always –

Pouty in dresses!

Ready-to-go with a tiger on your shirt, and wellies on your feet

Every bit a Daddy’s Girl!

And an Aunt P to your nieces.

Always glowing with that radiant smile.

You’ve known some pets that have edged their way in to share your celebration,

Old Watsie-Head who invented the Lucky Pot and was always ready with a face lick and a cuddle but wasn’t a fan of being dressed-up!

Sebastian who had no idea how ugly he was and would never let his short legs cause him to be left behind,

Shy and gentle Layla who had a safe home with you for a season…love your hair here by the way!

Then a couple of cats,

Shadow, The Stealthy Thief!

Callie hard at work taking a snooze on my lap top.

Happy Birthday Winks, from your mama, teacher, mentor, supporter, advocate and friend;

from whom you inherited all your looks and charm, wit and grace, kindness and joy and faith with grace!

There are so many memories that we fellow Image Bearers share.

I send you blessings for a very Happy 30 something Birthday!

Wish we could be together especially as you were born on a Friday!

Love you always,

Your very own,

Mumsienne Mum-jumbo! xxxx

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