Job Application…


My film-making son in California asked me what I had been doing all week and I groaned,

“Filling out an application for a Christian school in McKinney…”

“Why the groan?” he asked.

“It’s taken me hours to distill my philosophy on education and discipline in the classroom, to outline my Christian faith… I’m exhausted and wondering if it’s been worth it?”

I sighed as I remembered the applications I’d filled out in the past, one word responses that could be dashed off moments before an interview.

This week had seen no casual scribblings of a sentence or two.

I had been asked to think deeply about who I was, how I lived and the methods I used to relay my convictions  to others.

“My friend has been filling out a form to be a godfather to one of his nieces,” my son said bringing me back to the conversation, “he’s been answering soul seeking questions all week too.”

He understood my exasperation.

I am only applying to be a substitute but it seems the application is not a lot different from the one for a full-time faculty member.

“I toyed with the idea of crafting my answers to meet the stereotypical profile of a ‘born-again’ Christian,”  I admitted rather shamefacedly, “but then I don’t believe in stereotypes.  Besides, I consider myself to be just as much as a Christian as one labelled  ‘born again’.”  I sighed.  “Why am I re-acting as if I’m being discriminated against for being a liturgical Christian?”

“That’s how you’re feeling,” he said, “they probably won’t discriminate and if they do, then you more than likely wouldn’t be happy working there.”


True I thought.  However, I would like the job for who I am.

I think I have a lot to offer.

I have oodles of experience from my homeschooling years when I taught all ages and all subjects.

I am faithful in my prayer life.

I listed texts I had read to help me in the classroom, books that enrich my faith…

G.K Chesterton, Dorothy Sayers and Stan Hauerwas showed up, as well as Jay Wile, Josh McDowell and C.S.Lewis.

I have no idea if any of these esteemed theologians and educationalists will yank any chains.

What I do know is I need to be transparent both to myself and others,

and the school’s statement of faith is in line with mine…

“Well anyway, it took me five days to finish,” I continued, “and I’m rather pleased with the result.”

“Good,” he said, “you are the best teacher I ever had so if they don’t consider you it wasn’t meant to be.”

What a shame he couldn’t be added to my referee list!

“It’s all finished now and ready to go in the mail.”

“Keep copies to use in the future,” my son suggested.

Good idea, I thought, I don’t do this kind of reflective writing every day!

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