Mice at Table…

We decided to do some exploring this week now that we are both feeling better.

Except hubs has a sore knee which he had X-rayed and was told everything was clear.  Which meant no bone de-generation or signs of arthritis.

A stomach tumbling prognosis that did nothing to ease his excruciating pain.

Naproxen to the rescue!

A referral to a specialist is next on the list to get him an MRI to look deeper.  The slow wheels have been set in motion.  As I’ve pointed out before, the time from initial referral to eventual office visit is guaranteed to be achieved within 16 weeks.  A time frame the NHS prides itself in.

Back to exploring, gamy leg and all.  We got off the tube at Turnham Green, a stop along the District Line that doesn’t quite hold up against Knightsbridge and Westminster.  However we found a delightful green on which to eat our picnic in the sun, yes it was a gloriously, rare day!

Nourished we walked along Chiswick’s well appointed High Street with a vintage cinema housing a small, exclusive, antiques market; an art gallery with the artist raving on about his work, Sweaty Betty,


and a thrift shop I’d read about,  called, Mary’s Living and Giving, which donates all monies to Save the Children.

The place was milling with wealthy Mummies or their nannies and Chiswick House was just across, or under, the A4.

Did you know, Chiswick House was originally built on a main road running right past its front door in 1775?!  What could be more up to date?

We stopped to consider the lay of the land when we got to the gates because the knee was creaking.  Lots of potential walking in the grounds,

“We’ll come back some other time with your Zimmer,” I quipped.  Hubs wasn’t amused, neither would I have been.  Mea Culpa!

Still in the mood for black humour we passed a shop window with this notice in the window,


and these delightful fellows evidently dining in splendour,

Micein a delicatessen.

Only the British can get away with such wicked humor!

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