On My Mat Today…

My morning yoga class has themes, sometimes we are working on hips, other times we focus on breathing, it varies and makes for a cohesive week.

However there are days when a good flow would be welcome.  I could go into the archives and find a favourite flow class but I prefer, as I do when it comes to books, to avoid going over the same ground.  I enjoy the freshness of a different class every day!

This morning I was delighted by one of my all time favourite teachers who did a class he called,

“Go With the Flow.”

It was perfect!  No teaching about another religion, no deep philosophical meanings about the poses and their names, just a straighforward, no nonsense, get on your mat and sweat, flow.

When I first started doing yoga I thought a flow would mean a quick class where I wouldn’t be able to keep up unless I did a level 1.

Some of the level 2’s and 3’s are fast moving but for the most part they don’t show up so often now.  I prefer to really feel the pose, concentrate on my breath.  I get just as much out of a slow, steady workout as I do a fast one…without the nausea.

Back to Marc who lives in Paris and sprinkles his classes with a smattering, a petite peu, of French.

We did a crescent pose which involves taking the arms up into the air.  I usually do this by bringing them balletically around in a circle, sweeping them up gracefully instead of straight up through the centre line.  This morning, because my hands were on my waist, I brought them up in front of me.  With my front knee bent I felt as though I was half way to a genuflection while simultaneously raising my chest and arms heavenward in praise of the divine.

And I thought,

‘OK, so this pose was originally contrived as a worship pose, a worship pose for pagan gods.’

But I don’t worship a pagan god and in the past I’ve hoped that God knows that and won’t get confused by my signals.  I make sure I pray hard to counter the possible confusion…

I murmur the Our Father as taught by Jesus, no mistake there as to whom I’m praising.

In my stance this morning it dawned on me that God knows he is the only God and that I am worshipping Him.  He doesn’t have to bully His way to the front of the thousands of pagan gods shouting,

“Hey, this one’s for me!”


because they only exist in man’s minds.

Hah!  Odd how I humanise God and when I’m really quiet He reminds me that I am made in His image and gifts me with revelations like this one about His presence.   Amen!


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