Spring is Here…

Not only are the evenings lengthening but the air is filled with the smell of honeysuckle and I found daffodils at Trader Joe’s.


A welcome sign.

I really can’t leave flowers in a vase for long because the cats are extremely curious, well, the two barnies are, and they put their noses down into the water, or nibble the petals, or dash across the chairs and tables knocking the whole thing over in the night when they think I won’t notice.


Except that Shadow brings a tell tale wildflower to me and gives the game away…

This afternoon I bought a new bag of cat food and they breathed a huge sigh of relief,

“They’re going to keep us for a few more weeks…” it seemed to say.

They gathered around the full container, growling at each other as if there wasn’t enough to go round!


“Cats everywhere!” says Hubs when he comes in for coffee.

Spring marks the birthdays of Shads and Magic.

One year old and here to stay!

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