The Naming of Grams…

When I became a first time Mum I felt awkward being seen pushing a stroller along the pavement or a swing in the park.  I really did not want to be associated with a newborn, or a toddler…all I wanted was my body back and my career.  Fortunately I had a very supportive Hubs, a flexible company where I worked and a string of other babies within a six year period that totally reversed my initial hesitation to wholly embrace the earth mother in me.

Now I’m facing a similar reluctance to being a grandmother.  Well, not the being part…I am a grandmother…there’s no doubt about that.


It’s the naming part I’m having trouble with!

I don’t want to be called Nana, or Grandma, or Granny…mostly because I remember all of my grandmothers who bore those names as being old-old, like 98 to 100 years old and honestly I can’t relate to that…yet…

So…what’s in a name?  For years I’ve decided that I’ll be Mama Viv but Daughts tells me,

“You’ve never let anyone call you Viv…well, except Jazzin’ Jules…”

I’ll do my elusive smile and one shoulder shrug and let dozing cats lie.


“And it’s only in the last few years that you’ve allowed us to call you Viv because that’s how you sign your cards to us…”

Not absolutely accurate, I use a variety of pen-names including Mumsienne, Mums, Mumbo-Jumbo, Mumsie-Wumsie, Ma and sometimes Vivs.

“I don’t see why Sophie Sparrow, a mere month old who doesn’t recognize you yet, should be allowed to call you Mama Viv!”

I’m guessing it’ll be just plain Viv or even Vivi but I didn’t say anything.

And Simon, Sophie’s Dad, says he wants us to be Ma-ma and Pa-pa with the emphasis on the first syllables.

We’ll see!

In the mean time I just go over to the house and hold sweet Sophie,

“She prefers to be held,” they say.


and happily spend my few hours of babysitting staring at her pretty, sleeping face.

The naming of Grams can go on the back burner for now.  It’ll be a while before she starts to utter first words…then we’ll see!


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Billy Bullard

2019-11-14 13:40:38 Reply

I Think Simon has it on the nose, You just can’t use Granny! You will never be that Old!

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