Buying the Wedding Dress…


I had three weeks to plan a small, simple, rural do under the trees, a large, wild pecan sitting in a clearing near the creek forming the boundary line of our property, whose branches spread far and wide.

I began the task of informing family in England and close friends who weren’t invited this time around before Malia made her engagement public.

Of course, the first thing we did was go wedding dress shopping… I mean, it’s all about the bride-to-be isn’t it and we only had 21 short days to indulge her.

Dallas Vintage in Plano was where she wanted to go.  Years ago we had wandered in there looking for 1920’s dresses and she was awestruck by all the beautiful wedding dresses hanging from the rafters; a fraction of the cost of their brand new counterparts,

“Gosh at that rate Mum,” she’d said, “I could buy several and change during the reception!”

She tried on about a dozen and I waited outside to view the selection,

“Ahh yes!”  I heard, “I think I’ve found it!” and she pulled the curtain aside to show me a simple, full length white dress she’d found on The Downton Abbey rack!


“Well, let’s think about it…” I said.

“You always say that and then when I come back it’s gone!”

“Perhaps they’ll hold it for you.”  And they did, for 24 hours.

We went and had lunch and then headed to nearby Cavender’s for boots.  They have shelves and shelves of wedding boots, dress boots, downright pretty boots, I had to remind myself we were in Texas after all!

It didn’t take long at all to pick out a pair.

“I think I’m set on the dress Mum, let’s go back and try it with the boots…”


“Perfect!” she said and we paid up and left.

Gosh, that was easy.

“I’d like to get it altered though, just the neckline…” she said.

The following day, after Jazzercise, we visited a tailor for minor alterations.

Ribbons for the sash and flowers for her hair were bought which reminded her of her bouquet,

“I want to go to that lady’s place where I can pick my own flowers… can you make that work for me?”  She asked wistfully over text.

The place she was talking about is called Quarry Flower Farm


Quarry Flower Farm, Celina, Texas

and the owner belongs to the Celina garden club with me.  I shot her an email,

“…I have stopped watering and cutting flowers as of August 1. But…for such a small event I’m sure there should still be plenty blooming if she wants to pick through the flowers I’ve let die in the heat while I’ve been gone. :-)”  She wrote back.

All her dahlias and lisianthus were dead but since I had no idea what they looked like when they were alive I took Malia out for a visit and she showed us a few hardy blooms and lots of foliage and said,

“I won’t be here for the wedding but the two of you can come pick on your own, you are more than welcome to take anything you want.”

And that’s another story and another item checked off my To-Do list.

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2016-09-15 00:12:12 Reply

It was a beautiful wedding with my beautiful wife and daughter, well both beautiful daughters and a daughter in law and both handsome sons, and a handsome son in law to be!

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