Wedding Anniversary…

Today is our wedding anniversary!

There have been many!

This is our Thirty-First!


Last night the electricity at Footlights went out for three hours!

And because it wasn’t our choice to eat by candlelight there was no magic…

It was downright irritating and pitch dark outside!

Luckily we had a gas stove and matches and were able to serve up our homemade leek and potato soup with French bread, warmed in a frying pan.

We sat and ate while the storm raged around us.

We were in bed by 9pm and couldn’t be bothered to strain our eyes and read.

Where was the stash of candles we used to have in a kitchen cupboard at our old house?

We lay in bed and watched the lightening flashing across the ceiling and talked our way back through the decades bringing to mind the sequence of events on our wedding day…

Many, many moons ago.

We were living in London and President Mitterrand was in town from France so all the roads into the city were closed for security reasons.

Bomb scares were common in London back then…still are come to think of it!

We had to walk to Clapham South underground station and ride the tube to Westminster via Waterloo looking as smart as buttons in the crush of commuters!

I have no idea what we talked about during the journey, we were too excited for it to be anything but trite!

Our guests at the registry office in London’s Westminster were my parents and my brother.

After the brief ceremony and a few photographs we made our way to The Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch, for a pot of Earl Grey and some scones.

It was about 5 o’clock and we English needed our tea.

Then we went to see Romancing the Stone.

Dinner was at Mr. Chow’s.  We ordered for my parents, Mummy would have been happy with a cheese omelet, I think she tried the fried seaweed to be adventurous…or was that me?

Whatever I ate was sure to have been delicious!

We were able to catch a taxi home, the French visit had ended and the roads were open again.

Larry and I took some non-serious photos to commemorate the start of our marriage…


As we reminisced between thunderclaps I said,

“There must have been moments when I thought, ‘this is the most important day of my adult life, I will remember every detail…’”

But the day passed in a haze of stars in my eyes and sparkles on all the edges.

I fretted about the details but after a restless night of driving rain and crashing thunder I awoke to the reality of that auspicious day…

…My husband’s smiling face!


As my card to him said,

“The millionth kiss is just as sweet as the first!”

And I can still feel the tenderness of both!

ILY darling,

Thanks for finding me and asking me to be yours,



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