Taxi-Cab Wedding…

On Saturday there was a wedding at our church in Beckenham.

We’d heard the banns read at mass for the last three weeks and the occasion was upon us.

The bells were ringing at the top of their peals, I could hear them as I sat in the garden.

Hubs, Daughts and I set off to pick up a few items of shopping and to catch a glimpse of the happy event.

Morning suited men were hovering outside the front door of St. George’s as we passed by and a few late arrivals were drifting through the churchyard.

Along the High Street we saw a white London Taxi Cab all decked out with ribbons and bows.

I’d told hubs, when I’d wanted to beribbon our car at our son’s wedding in April, that it is traditional in England to deck the cars.  He said it was very ethnic in America.  Suffice it to say we didn’t string satin on our Lexus, more’s the pity!


We shamelessly looked through the windows and saw a radiant bride with her beaming father, waiting for the clock to strike 2pm before slowly making their way to the church.

We waved and said,

“Good luck!” and


I even noticed I choked up a bit as strangers walking by, seeing us waving and snapping our iPhones, also stopped to wish the bride Godspeed.

Almost an hour later as we were meandering back up the High Street with our purchased items we again saw the white taxi cab crawling around the perimeter of the church towards the Lych-gate where the bride and groom would eventually emerge as Mr. & Mrs.

The churchyard was a-light with guests in all their finery, the bells kept ringing and the sun came out.


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