Throwing in the Towel…

Last week when hubs spent the day away I was left in the flat on my own.

What to do?  I wondered.  To be honest on these rare alone days I pamper myself, I break open the concealed chocolate or indulge in  a coffee made with hot milk with maybe a nip of rum if we have any.  I eat pizza and ice cream for lunch and I have been known to throw in a glass of wine when I am feeling particularly hemmed in.

Today I wanted to do something I’ve never done before.

As I focused on my yoga mat for a luxurious 90 minutes my restless mind was stilled and I came to complete peace with myself.

I made my way across the hall to the bedroom.

On the way an idea hit me.

I could throw in the towel and forego my shower!

The promised break in routine caused me to draw in a long, satisfying breath.  I felt daring, no-one but I would know what I had done or not done!

As I passed the airing cupboard I retrieved a flannel and positioned myself in front of the sink mirror of the tiny en-suite bathroom.  I was smiling radiantly!

I turned my back on the dreadful little tub with a half glass wall and detachable contraption that passes as a shower, washed my face, dampened my hair and brushed my teeth.

As I slathered cream on my legs my mind went to the lever I had to pull up with bone dry hands each morning to get the water flowing.

Not today!

No claustrophobic moments for me as I hit walls and porcelain during my usual morning ablutions.  No massive towel, whose absorption rate was debatable, to do battle with on my wet body.

Not this morning!

No puddly floor where the seal around part of the glass enclosure didn’t work.

No steam to blur my vision, just a quick once over with my trusty flannel and I was done.

Dressed in shorts and a skimpy tee I ate a tiny pizza and a bag of crisps for lunch enjoying the fragrance of my blooming rose bush.  I skipped the wine because there wasn’t any.

I uncovered the hidden stash of chocolate in the hall closet and freezer and between heavenly bites wrote up a storm.

Before my walk I spent an hour on the phone with my friend in America giving her all the gory details of life in London.  Well…life as a McNeny who happens to live in London.

She asked me just what I did with my jobless days?

“With or without a shower?” I asked.

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