Cat Boxes…

All our cats love a box to explore.


To hop in when being chased.

To sit in and stare into space.

To better smell the baby’s breath from,


To curl up in and fall asleep.

This time of year is box exploration heaven.  Amazon Prime has been working overtime at the Footlights Ranch.

Today I left an empty box on the kitchen table.

Shads was bound and determined to make it fit his no-longer-a-kitten body and dared me to take a picture, which of course I did!


Perfect Fit!

He used to have a small shirt box on the pine settle next to our back door.  He would cram himself into it and monitor our comings and goings.

I labelled it: Shad’s Outbox.


After a few months I switched it out for a basket, which I thought would be more comfortable.

I lined it with a carpet scrap and one of those oh-so-soft-blankets to make it a warmer place to be now that it’s cooled off to freezing.

Shads turned up his nose and found the top shelf in my closet with Magic and hidden goodies.


Keeping an eye on the chocolate and wine!

Callie decided to move into the basket.

I’m sure no-one needs to be reminded that cats are fickle and don’t like to let on that they respond to their humans or are in any way grateful for their care and attention…

unless it’s feeding time.

Unlike dogs who only want to please, cats thrive on contrariness.

So…for the time being the warmly lined basket overlooking the back door is Callie’s Home Base where she feels safe.

Shads now sleeps anywhere he chooses.

Yesterday I caught him curled up with Callie,


who patently moved over.

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