Easter Sunday Communion…

We were going to be able to pick up Easter Sunday Communion.

I’d signed up for it and was uplifted.


We were going to pick up our package on Easter morning and follow the rubrics in our prayer book for The Breaking of Bread.

“Alleluia.  Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us:”  Hubs would say as he held up the hosts.

“Therefore let us keep the feast.  Alleluia.”  We would respond.

“The Gifts of God for the People of God.”  We’d say as we sat at our refectory table, followed by, “The Body of Christ, the bread of heaven.”


What a fine way to commence our Easter Sunday morning breakfast.

Now all that has been rescinded across the diocese by our Bishop.

He is worried that eager people, during the designated pick-up times, may park and get out of their cars to meet and greet fellow parishioners whom they haven’t seen for 4 weeks.

He considered it too much of a risk…

And I understand.

He is worried that the packaging and distribution of the consecrated hosts may come with the possibility that not all churches under his jurisdiction would take the necessary precautions.

And I understand that too.

And he has the authority and ability to curb unsafe activity within his diocese.


But in my heart I ask,

What’s the difference between going to a restaurant to pick up take-out food and going to church to pick up communion hosts on Easter Sunday?

The former is prepared within minutes of pick-up and consumption, the latter was prepared, at our church, 14 days before Easter to ensure safe handling and distribution.

The former is necessary food for our bodies, the latter is necessary food for our souls.

This is just one instance of a growing lack of consistency in the procedures our world has adopted during this pandemic.

Inconsistencies in the protection of the general public and the irresponsible behavior of citizens.

In England schools are open for those children whose parents are in essential jobs, teachers are expected to work.  Here all schools are closed.

Grocery stores have varying levels of safety, some are sanitizing baskets, others are restricting numbers, still others are completely closed because they are not deemed ‘essential’.

Bars and restaurants are deemed essential, church is not…


Employees wear gloves and keep 6 feet distances, others squeeze past customers in the narrow aisles of little corner shops.

We’re encouraged to stay home if we are in a vulnerable group yet I noticed a customer in a wheelchair with oxygen doing his shopping.

Food and paper goods are being restricted, bulk barrels have been emptied to avoid cross contamination and I join other customers to pick over fruit and vegetables with bare hands.

Shelter-at-home or jump on a plane for business or pleasure.

There are no strict protocols…yet… it is worldwide, like the web, and confusing.

In these unprecedented moments I cling to my unchanging God.

I’m grateful I don’t live in a high rise block of flats with no balcony and a dog to take out.

I’m thankful I’m not working from home with children underfoot.

I am saddened that our Easter Eucharist, at least the consecrated part of it, has been cancelled.

We will celebrate with our congregation on-line, exchange virtual peace, sing out the praises.

We will bake our own bread to break,


and raise our cups to the glory of the Risen Lord,

the author of our lives.

We will sing out our Alleluias and proclaim,

“The Lord has risen!”

“The Lord has risen indeed…





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