Footlights Nursery…

Footlights officially has three bedrooms, it’s on the Zillow description.

But since only Hubs and I live here two of them are, to coin a new phrase, ‘flex spaces’.

Sam, Daughts’ Hubs, commented on how we use every room.

He lived on the property and was a frequent visitor to our fridge and pantry so noticed these things!

“I love it!” he’d say filling his McKroger bag from the deep freeze in my blue-eyed cowboy’s Invention Station.

Daughts didn’t notice because she’d lived with us for decades and knew our ways.

She wasn’t phased by the queen bed in my office,

“It’s for mulling over ideas on,” she explained to Sam with a sly wink.

-Hey!  Children aren’t supposed to say those things out loud in front of us!-

Or by the bookshelves and TV in our re-fitted closet in the Nook where we have a leather sofa to sprawl on after dinner.

When my blue-eyed cowboy expanded and screened in our front porch here was another room to spread out into and tag as a venue for Daughts’ and Sam’s wedding reception.

Always the builder he’d expanded and screened the back porch too which also played a part in the wedding with its picturesque view of the back forty.

Two more rooms to use all year round for prayers, coffees, lunches and dinners and sometimes just to sit in and read, or gaze out on at rainy afternoon, or into those dreamy blue eyes…

Really?  If we have the space, why not use it?

No idle rooms for us energiser bunnies!

A room is a room – and when the need occurs, which it did during our hectic time as parents to four children, we use the rooms for beds…

…and time-out!

On our return from London we decided to get serious about our babysitting duties.  Trying to squeeze a pack’n’play and toddler mattress around the perimeter of the queen bed is Ok for the odd sleepover but not conducive to a regular space that our grand-daughters can call home.

Not that they’d mind the squeeze or their toys all over the house…

but I would!!

A Nursery happened and there went the bed for mulling over ideas on.

We emptied and child-proofed my used-to-be-office and it stood waiting in anticipation of becoming a dream room for imaginative girls.

We bought a toddler bed and put up the portable crib, used the two small benches ElRay had made for places to put books and house baby dolls, Tickle Me Elmo and and other ‘love-ables’ Daughts’ wanted to get ‘rid of’ to our house!!

Black-out curtains and a small lamp completed the room and we were ready for visitors of the young kind.

We may not have a spare bedroom now but we do have a girlie-goop room which gets used much more frequently.

And, I still have space to roll out my yoga mat.

Win Win I’d say!

Oh well,…

The odd visitor who shows up every couple of years can always make up a couch…

…or pitch a tent in the pasture!




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