My Concealer is my Mask…

This masking up has become a habit.

Fourteen months ago all I could do was complain…

“I can’t breathe.”

“No-one can see my happy smile.”

“My skin feels so dry.”

“My lipstick just gets blotted off.”

“My glasses keep fogging up.”

…were just some of my daily grumblings.

A friend of mine in England made me five to brighten up the world with their pretty patterns and I wore them regardless of whether they went with my outfit or not.

“I refuse to let a mask determine my wardrobe…”


But by the end of the year there were so many mask options it was next to impossible to ignore the fact that they were creeping onto the fashion scene.

When Christmas rolled around I put my foot down,

“I won’t be buying masks as stocking fillers.”

Yet I did buy us a set of six plain ones, to take on our trip to LA, and my face covering blended in with whatever jacket or sweater I was wearing, patterned or not!

I was by now well and truly caught in the wardrobe trap!

My mask had wheedled its way onto my accessory shelf and buddied up with my scarves.

I began to care about how I looked in my reluctant accessory, checking mirrors and asking advice from Daughts before going out.


During the first part of 2021 the mask mandate was lifted in Texas.

Business owners could use their discretion and now I have a confession to make.

For years I’ve always envied men their moustaches and beards.  Oh the wrinkles and blemishes they could hide behind a faceful of hair.

As a woman I couldn’t disguise the fact that my face was slowly sinking towards my chest!

But, after several months of reluctantly masking up I’ve found that the covering I once wished I didn’t have to wear has become an ally!

As long as I make much of my eyes and my hair is behaving I can bare-face the world.

My concealer and foundation remain at home and my lipstick comes along just in case I need it to enhance my pretty mask-less smile once in awhile!


No more worries about break-outs on my skin, or sun spots on my cheeks, or grooves in my chin that make me look like a ventriloquist’s doll.

All I have to do is let my eyes do the talking.


Moreover a mask covers so much more than a flawless complexion,

I can keep my face in repose without someone saying,

“Cheer up!  It may not happen,” or,

“Why do you look so bored?”

I can mutter obscenities without anyone reading my lips.

I can mumble into the cloth while casting around for the right words to say without anyone being offended.

Having said that I’m thinking…

I’ll keep one handy in my car just in case I have to dash out and don’t want all the kerfuffle of make-up.

My concealer is my mask and my lipstick will last forever!

Who would have thought?!

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