God’s Good Morning…

No-one says “Good Morning” quite like God.

Those mornings when the sky is in perfect cloudy-mode

forming a filter that flings a ribbon of dawn colour across

the wooded horizon that borders Rigsby Lane.


The sun hasn’t quite come up, it will do so a little later,

so I’m accompanied by a rosy veil

reaching out across the land until

I turn my head just in time to see it floating

upon another stand of trees behind the horse barn.


Then I watch it breaking loose

to soar into a golden orb,

the tug of war between setting and rising


On this particular morning the trees start to sway their leaves and sing,

I check my phone for a pending storm,

seeing no alerts I hunker down against the gusts of wind

and remember the promise of a cold front.

I hear distant thunder,

Hubs texts,

“It’s raining here, shall I come get you?”

“I’m OK.” I text back not wanting to run from a storm that may just pass over.

The lightening is in the east and I get out my phone to capture its flashes…

I know, crazy huh!?

I witness a spectacular display of the sheer, natural, power of the heavens.


As I’m nearing home it starts to pour,

I close out of my weather app and take Hubs up on his offer.

I’m drenched!

The rain lasted about an hour and then the day progressed to a very comfortable 81º.

In the evening the atmosphere fired up a setting sun

sinking below the Footlights’ woods.


“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork.”  (Psalm19:1)

Nothing compares to God’s “Good Morning!”

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His are the best as well as any morning that starts with you1

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