Happy Birthday Mummy…


Today is not only May 8th, my favorite date in the year, it is also Thursday which, as I commented to hubs this morning,

“Is my favorite day of the week…”

“Why?” he asked, “because Daughts was born on a Thursday?” and I said,

“Oh no!  I love the way the word looks on the page, the letters that form it, the beauty in its construction.  For me it is the best looking day of the week!”

So here’s to today, Thursday, May 8th, my mother’s birthday.

Had she hung on for just a little longer she may have added three more years to my life!

I worry about counting my summer years.

Jesus says,

“…which of you by worrying can add even one hour to his life…So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”  (Matthew 6:27, 34)

I am already practising being present and learning to savor the moment.

At the moment my mother’s life is becoming a part of my everyday.

By writing about her I am really digging into how deeply she affected my life.

As a child I thought her strict, as a young adult, indifferent and as a mother, neglectful.

In my writing I am re-living the poignancy of her personality.

I have uncovered a heady sweetness which would not be mine had she not been herself.

Mum copy

She steered me, unwittingly, towards the relationship I enjoy with my children.

By dropping her parenting baton I was able to snatch it up and sail.

I knew how I wished I had been nurtured and I was able to give that gift of yearning to my children.

I will be ever thankful to her for that.

Harboring bitterness and unkindness is not the way of my Christian roots or the yoga mat.

May 8th reminds me that without my lovely Mum, born 90 years ago,

I would not be here

I would not have had the many life lessons that strengthened me

I would not be the wife, the friend the colleague or the mentor I have grown into

I would not be the woman I have become


I would not be the mother I am.

Be blessed Mummy and thank you.

I miss you and will always love you.

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