Hard Drive Problems Resolved…

My children have a habit of calling me to complain about work, a relationship, the mechanic at their local shop or the weather killing off all their crops…yes I have a wannabe sustainability expert among my clan.

I pace while listening to them, they become vulnerable four or five year olds again, righteous, adamant, loud!  I commiserate all the while making eyes at hubs who is gracefully keeping himself to himself and pretending he’s not eavesdropping on the latest family drama.

After many, many minutes of emotionally charged conversation the upset, hard done by child concludes with,

“Well, I’ve got to go now Mum, thanks for listening and understanding.  I love you!”

He or she feels heaps better, I can tell by the tone of voice…plus I’m the Mum I know my children better than anyone else, except of course God.

And I am left feeling terrible.

I know you can relate because we are Burden Takers.  Whether we want to be or not we are affected by our children’s lives.  I much prefer the happy news, that’s all my mother would tolerate,

“I don’t want to hear anything bad…” she’d admonish.

“Yes Mum!  Goodbye then!”  I’d say… and we’d giggle.

No matter how old or independent our children are we are still hard wired to want the best, protect and shield, and make things easy, for them.  We will be nurturers and saviours until we breathe our last.

Letting go?  Huh!  Like homeschooling, once a mother always a mother!

After the conversation that has plunged me into that place of darkness John of the Cross called, The Dark Soul of the Night I pull out all my tricks.  I can calm down but each nerve, each fragment of my psyche is entangled with my child’s.  I find myself mentally walking by his or her side, deflecting the arrows of hatred, wilting the barbs of scorn, quenching the fire of petty anger and crying over the tomatoes!

By the end of the day, or week, I am an exhausted wreck putting on a brave face for my computer!  The fact that they haven’t called back has me envisioning disaster, growing towering white cliffs out of fire ant beds, fearing the very worst.

My imagination takes dark wings and goes berserk.

Then the child in crisis calls.  No mention of the trouble that caused a toddler-sized meltdown to reverberate 4 thousand miles away into my London flat.

I do not pound the answer button on my phone and bluster out,

“Well…How are you?  How did it go yesterday/last week…?” before we are properly connected,

When I do slide the question ever so gently into the conversation I hear,

“Oh that!  Everything is fine the person who was giving me grief must have been having a bad day,” or,

“It rained but I decided to dig up my garden anyway and plant a fall bed!  Texas summers aren’t  conducive to growing cherry tomatoes!”

I wish I had been spared the worry sooner; when my stomach is twisted with angst I don’t need any weight loss aids!

All that to say…for those of you worried about my Hard Drive that expired a couple of days ago…all is well, my genius lad not only retrieved my data but through a series of repairs had the drive up and working again in a few hours!

But, I’m not trusting it!  I backed it up on a new drive and kindly hubs, although I didn’t rant and rave and wring my hands, has bought me Another Back up for my back-up!

My web master kindly suggested a Cloud Service to be considered.

My Apple personel used the word terabyte when he talked about backing up my computer and my hard drives…

I have some research to on the good old world wide web…

I feel almost computer literate, like Daughts’ friends on board ship whose command of the English language isn’t magnificent yet they manage to trot out such beauties as accountable, affirmation, circulation and succulent but stumble when grasping for the word bread!

Thank God for all the people who help me on my technological adventure!

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