Malfers’ Birthday…

I will start my story as I always do,

“Once upon a time, a long, long time ago…all was ready for the New Year,

“Christmas had been successfully navigated with three under six,

“My birthday had come and gone,

“The 2002 calendars had been hung,

“Thank you cards had been written and mailed.

There was  only thing left to complete the season,

“The careful unwrapping of my fourth and final child…


For the next twenty four years you added layer upon layer of experiences that made you who you are today.


Tears have been shed, smiles showered, ideas ventured, wills fought and dreams shared.

A gallery of emotions have been gently crafted, like a micro beer, into the caring, sharing, loving and joyful young woman you are today.


The start of each year will always remind me of the magical events leading up to the beginning of your life…

My doctor overslept and wandered into my room bleary eyed and late…

His nurse stuck me with the I.V. needle and blood spurted all over the walls…

Dan the Man, muscular anesthesiologist guy, forgot I couldn’t lie lie flat on my back without losing it…

And Bruce Springsteen burst over the speakers in the operating table with,

“Born in America!”

And there you were…tiny and quiet with your perfect Cupid’s bow, resting in my arms, all my discomfort forgotten.


You fit completely into your family of two parents and three siblings and guilelessly took hold of the reins from the start.

You used your charm and smouldering grey eyes to wind us around your little finger and we all fell under your spell.


Where has the foreverness of babyhood, bottles and boo-boos gone?

In the blink-of-an-eye it seems you have become independent,




and a veritable little home-maker in your barn on our land!


From new born to twenty-four in less time than it takes for a bottle of champagne to pop…

And like the bubbles your charisma leaves a lasting impression,


Your smile brightens the day with the grace of your love,


Your laughter calms the waters stirred by the folding and re-folding of our relationship gently nudging it from mother to daughter to friend.

You are part of Footlights,

Just across the drive,

Up the slope,

A stone’s throw away,

Forever in my heart.

I love you and thank God for bringing you safely into my life less than a blink ago!

Happy Birthday Beautiful You!


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