With Daughts and Sam living at Barnlights, the barndominium on our property, it is easy for them to pop next door for the proverbial ‘cup of sugar’ when they run out of enchilada sauce or fish or rum for a hot toddy.


Barnlights in the mist

Or tea-bags, salad, eggs and cream…

A ‘cup of sugar’, we have discovered, is extremely versatile!

Footlights, also known as McKroger, is convenient, competitively priced and in walking distance.  We deliberately keep a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer as an enticement for our nearest and dearest to visit when the cupboard gets low.

We see the barnies, (as we call them) at least once a week for more than a chat over the garden fence or a wave as they drive past on their way to work.

They browse the pantry, raid the freezer in the garage and return dishes…

Occasionally they even stay for a beer or a meal; sitting on our kitchen counters watching us cook, offering seasoning suggestions and enjoying the retro music that matches the casual, bistro, atmosphere of our grocery store/diner.


Footlights Bistro

Yesterday afternoon I discovered, quite by accident, that Cyril, my British guide-and-backseat-driver on-Google-maps, has a sense of humor.

I was off to replenish my shelves in Anna and typed the address into my phone.

Cyril acknowledged my request with a polite,

“Starting route to Walmart Soo-Per-Centre, Anna.

“Proceed to the route.”

I backed out of my garage and started to circle my driveway ‘to the route’ as directed.

I was just passing Barnlights when Cyril announced,

“Arrived at Walmart Soo-Per-Centre.

“Destination is on your right.”


Walmart Soo-per-centre

“You’re too funny…” I said out loud.

Oops, caught talking to an inanimate object!

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