My Homesteader Son’s Enterprises…

Our son is still the same as he was when he was little, always keen to plant a garden, loving animals by bringing home wild babies to nurse, creative with wood, energetic, a beer maker and let’s not forget he’s also a good cook….Bam!

He and his wife are working at a restaurant while preparing to get their business, Window to the Wild, off its feet.

Not the most exciting job in the world but, as with lots of aspiring entrepreneurs, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to pay the rent!

Simon finds interesting ways to turn his restaurant experience to his advantage; he made beer for Malai Kitchen and carved the pulls featuring film maker son’s artistic talent for the graphics.


At his new restaurant, The Blind Butcher, he is now bringing the charcuterie ideas home, as witnessed first hand by Hubs and me last weekend!

They have just bought four chicks to add to their bird show and by the time they become chickens at 26 weeks, they should be paying their way in free range eggs.

With the potential of one-egg-per-chicken-per-day Simon reckons the new eatery may buy his surplus!

The happy couple have just completed the final stage of filing for non-profit status which will allow them to work to change our limited knowledge of rare and beautiful birds.

In addition they are also applying for an education permit and are jumping through hoops to meet the  requirements for housing birds of prey, essential players in any display promoting conservation, which they plan to take to schools or parties to further enlighten the public about the importance of the natural world.

And the waiting game begins.

Here’s to my son and daughter-in-law’s laudable endeavours.

Bless them as they work hard to make their dreams take flight so they can put wildlife in the public eye.

Visit their site to discover more and find out how they’re coming along:

Window to the Wild Incorporating Nature Into Our Man-made World.  

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