The Dump…

Turkey Creek is a lovely little community.

It is gated on all sides by a river and canals, fields and cows.

You’d have to want to come here for it sits at a dead end.

Internet isn’t the fastest we’ve had in the world but as long as the dozen or so of us who use it aren’t all clustered together at the same time it works.

Water is drawn from a well.  Our own personal well.  Luckily the owners have a pump motor that performs this task (the drawing of water) for us, purifies and softens it for our exclusive use.  From the potable tap it tastes sweet.

Electricity is from the grid and apart from some willful lamps that dim and brighten randomly, like when I open a kitchen cabinet or walk across a room, the power supply seems to be reliable.

We have a compost heap which we feed, and recycle bins which we admire for their identifying colours.

There are little baggies for dog waste which I was told were recyclable,

“You mean you empty and wash them?” I asked on my first introduction to these nifty little receptacles; a very green choice over my Kroger bags.

“No, they are bio degradable,” she explained.

I was relieved.

However, when I asked about when the rubbish men came she said,

“We don’t subscribe to that service,” I had visions of burning trash or spreading it across the lawn for fertilizer…I looked around for a compactor, “we use the local dump, or the city dumpster, I’ll show you tomorrow.”

She sent her husband to show us on the morrow, the boot of their car loaded with seething rubbish bags that may or may not be bio degradable.

The car was weighed on the way in and as we left, we were charged for the difference.

I have a few photos of the scavengers, not rats, or snakes but…


Yep, buzzards, walking in the seepage or all lined up just waiting to see what tasty morsels we were going to leave in our hot, black, bin bags.


As we left I wound down the window one last time allowing awful air and fat flies to fill the car, and caught these two showing off to each other,

“It was this big!” “No really, it was this big!”


Luckily I can’t share the smell with you but I can include a few descriptive words to give your olfactory senses a tickle,

fetid, putrid, rancid, sour, disgusting!

We will be using the city dumpster in the park during our stay.

Thank you very much for the experience though!


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