The Big Tree…

It is easier to put up the Christmas decorations than to take them down.  As a family we all looked forward to getting the tree out, and decorating it, then hanging an assortment of chocolates in its branches taking care not to put them within reach of our family dog, Watson.  The anticipation of what was to come in the days ahead were incentive enough to spend the time and work preparing for the festivities.  We always watched John Wayne in “Hitari” (don’t ask…, not at all Christmassy!)  and managed a hot chocolate or two!

Taking everything down was always a chore and one year we left a couple of strands of white lights up in the garden room, a child asked us to because they looked so pretty.

And pretty they looked indeed for the remainder of our years there.

However, if everything was left up all year round, no matter how pretty, homey, warm and cozy, what would make the Christmas season so special in the dead of winter when we all need to see the glorious, twinkling lights that celebrate our Saviour’s birth?

There is a large tree in a near by city which during the year when it bears leaves, is majestic.

For the winter it becomes a very ordinary, bare, tree…until the weekend, sometime in November, when the city strings lights in it, not just any old stringing but carefully wrapped red and white lights that transform it when the sun goes down.


Lovely isn’t it?

And only for Christmas does it stand glorifying the season and reminding us all that Jesus is the light, or in this case, the many lights!

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