The Big Day…

At six o’clock in the morning it was still dark!

The tradition of a sacred Saturday lie-in with coffee in bed was eclipsed by a far more important event.


Daughts came in as promised,

“It’s my wedding day!” she trilled.

We were already awake and popped smokies, crescent and cinnamon rolls into the oven and brewed a couple of French presses of coffee.

The McNeny men went outside and draped the bower with netting and flowers,

The keepsake vignettes were arranged under the trees along the walkway,

The hay bales were set in place and covered with muslin,

The cushions were returned to the wicker furniture gracing the front porch.

Hassocks were laid in front of the altar,

And I went down to view the end result adding finishing touches here and there.

Meanwhile Malia was showering and primping…as brides-to-be must.

By 8 o’clock the other side of the family had arrived and Malia’s bouquet was bound with ribbon by Lindsey, her sister-in-law.

My bedroom was a twitter with women as they clustered around the bride to ensure clasps were secure, pearls and earrings were in place, hair was perfectly curled and something old, new and blue was worn.

Fr. Michael arrived,

“I think it’s all right for me to see the bride…”  he said as he joined the women around Malia and asked her,

“Do you still want to do this?”

“More than ever!”  She laughed.  He’d posed that question for the last three weeks.

The sun began to peek its way through the clouds as we made our way down to the waiting hay bales.


Aunt Teresa Simon et moi…waiting

The service was beautiful…as Malia wrote in her note to me later,

“The wedding was even more magical and perfect than we could have ever dreamt.”


Breakfast was a hit too.

The table was laden.

There were bacon & cheddar and plain scones baked by a woman from church, with assorted jams and clotted cream,


Scotch eggs made by my English friend with the winery down the road and delivered, still hot, to my kitchen during the service,

Smoked salmon with mini bagels and cream cheeses,

A cheese board with stilton, strong cheddar and brie.


Fresh fruit and homemade granola with plain yogurt.


An exquisite Nothing Bundt Cake took pride of place at the centre of the table with customized champagne glasses and engraved cake slice and forks.


Sam had hand carved a love bird topper while he was still a fiancee,


What a talented son-in-law I have he fits right in with our artistic crowd!

Champagne flowed and happiness surrounded the newly weds generated by the love of their families supporting them.

Then they cut the cake…


Whispering final instructions to her new Hubs


Which he didn’t heed!


She had the last say!

Welcome to the McNeny’s son!

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg…


To think that just over a year ago none of us knew about this piece of land hugged by woods and hedgerows, untouched since creation.

Footlights yielded up its charm and provided us an idyllic setting for their life changing event.

More than ever I feel God’s hand on all our lives.

Malia and Sam’s union in Holy Matrimony has made our home a sacred place that will be remembered forever.

The whole thing fell into place naturally, at once old fashioned, traditional and very, very us.

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2016-09-21 20:10:52 Reply

What a perfect wedding! Everything looks so beautiful and unique, of course. So happy for all of you!
To a McKellog from a McKarnavas


2016-09-21 20:13:36 Reply

What a uniquely beautiful wedding! I’m so happy for all of you.

To a McKellog from a McKarnavas

El Ray

2016-09-22 15:38:07 Reply

What a great day!

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