On the Mend…

I’ve been under the weather.

I’d managed to avoid the summer colds going around, the dreaded lurgy rampant on both sides of the pond and anything Malia brought home from college.

But I caught something last week and I’m not happy at the moment.

“But,” as I said to my school teacher daughter amid her peals of laughter,

“I’m on the mend!”

My throat aches, I try to avoid swallowing which, now that it hurts, I find I do an awful lot!

Ibuprofen and actifed don’t seem to be doing an awful lot of anything, except perhaps relaxing my throat muscles a tad.

I haven’t got around to buying some good soothing cough lozenges, because I didn’t have a cough until this morning.

It lurked during Stations of the Cross and fully manifested itself at mass putting the priest off so badly I had to clamber over three old ladies and hubs in the middle of the gospel and rush, holding my breath, to the back of the church.

Once there I exhaled and almost expired, the cough was dry and painful, my eyes were watering and my nose was running, praise the Lord I had a man sized tissue!

At night I lie in a half doze moaning, I can hear myself so I must be an irritation for hubs.  I haven’t slept for a week.  Neither has he probably.

He did shake me one night to tell me I was snoring, I told him, in my proper English accent,

“I don’t snore.   I wasn’t snoring, was I?” I hadn’t heard myself!

“Yes!” he answered.

“Well, I don’t feel as though I’ve been snoring,” I countered, hardly the expert.  I imagined my mouth and throat would be raspy and dry, which they weren’t!

Early on in the sickness I had a day of aches when I did neither Yoga or walkies.

I ran a fever once which I controlled with paracetamol.

Now, seven days into this terrible affliction, I am fed up.

My ears are beginning to hurt and my cough is worse as I write but I am sure I’ll be fine tomorrow.

“Go to the doctor, it’s free,” said my newly anglophiled hubs.  I know the doctor will tell me it will go away on its own, so I hold back.

I did manage a walk today though and look at the Spring I found!





My voice has also taken on a husky quality which would be fun if it didn’t hurt so much!






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