Orange Cake…

I heard about a cake that contained several boiled oranges!

A couple of women who enter their pies and jams in The State Fair of Texas told me about an English friend of theirs who,

“…boiled oranges for hours, ran them through a food processor and mixed the puree with almond flour, eggs and sugar.”

They said it was different but yummy.

I looked up the recipe,

And made it!

I heeded the warning that it may stick to the pan but mine came out smoothly,

with a soft consistency.

Hubs and I had to sample a piece at lunch time.


I found it to have the texture of an egg custard,

Hubs en-likened it to a cheesecake.

It was quite melt-in-your-mouth delicious and definitely ‘different!’

We were able to close up the evidence of our pre-taste and I made a chocolate sauce to drench it with that ran all over the sides and gave it that homemade look.


I named it my Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cake,

“Yummy, that looks great,” said my bird keeper son when I texted him.


It was!

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