Our New Patio…

The hard work we put into our new front patio has really paid off for us…

…and the cats who share Footlights.

From framing,


to roofing,


to painting all the woodwork and stapling up the screen, they watched from inside meowing to come out,

trilling with curiosity,

desperate to make the break and join us as we worked tirelessly…

I painted the ceiling, thrice, by the third pass it wasn’t so bad but it was all back breaking and knee creaking stuff witnessed by our furry friends who kept sentry behind the blinds.

We were worried that after carefully stretching yards of screen the cats would come in and mistake it for a climbing wall as they did on the back Catio.


Magic hanging out

On their first exciting venture onto the porch we watched them closely.  Like children they were calm at first creeping around, bellies to the ground, ready to pounce if something unexpected happened.

Then Magic started the laps around the large, open space using the ‘walls’ to bounce from and gain momentum.

Hubs and I looked at each other and shook our heads.  The water sprayer sent them into a panic and we had to think quickly.

Hubs caught Magic half way up a screen, gently dislodged his claws and took him inside to the guest bathroom for a minute or two.  He responded by playing in the shower and pulling toilet paper off the roll.

I herded the other two into the lounge and closed the door.

A few days later when Shads tried his paws at scaling the screen after an insect he was given the same treatment and was mortified.  He wouldn’t talk to Hubs for the rest of the evening.

When we found them sitting quietly and looking,


we rewarded them with treats.

Who really knows with a cat whether they’ve learned their lesson or not?

They run to the front door in the morning asking to be let out to see what’s happening on the other side of the house.

Lots of squirrels, lots of big crows and plenty of hummingbirds to keep a close watch on.


What’s going’ on?

“What’s going’ on?” their stance seems to say.

“Cats everywhere,” says Hubs.

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