Our Blue Cat…

Our lovely blue cat is a little clueless at times.

He loves to play mouse but I think the summer heat has caught up with him and if he brings me one of his toys to throw he more often than not curls up in my lap and stares at it instead of chasing it down.

“Too much energy to expend…” his body seems to say,

“Just rub my silky tummy…”

His brother Madge has been tagged in the game and now chases all over the house with his favorite ‘mouse’ a red, furry ball, lost from a Christmas elf ornament.

Yesterday, in a rare fit of energy, Shads snagged it and was prowling around the house looking less than sophisticated with it hanging from his mouth,





“Perhaps he has it snagged on one of his teeth,” I suggested with a smile as he walked past for the umpteenth time.


Our blue cat…

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