Saying ‘Yes’ to VBS…

This year Hubs and I once again helped with Vacation Bible School at our church, St. Peter’s, McKinney.

This is always a good time to share the Gospel with the children who drift through our station, Bible Discovery, held in the sanctuary.

Much as I end up enjoying it the four days seem to loom…

Everything about the beginning of summer revolves around this week-long, morning, commitment.

This year the theme was Shipwrecked, Rescued by Jesus.

We attended a workshop in April and had a training session in May, we were given lesson plans and asked to submit orders for supplies.  We signed up to decorate the parish hall and classrooms to achieve that ‘Wow’ factor that would get the children excited.

Hubs and I gathered items for a couple of weeks, beach towels, baskets, cushions, rope, fishing nets, cloths, pens and more.

Hubs painted cardboard boxes to look like crates.

I read and re-read the script so I could have the stories and activities gliding off my tongue while I interacted with the youngsters and their crew leaders.

On the eve of VBS, after Sunday evening mass, Hubs and I spent a few hours staging the coming days in the Sanctuary with lights and props to help set the scene for the parable or bible story we were recounting.


setting the scene for parables

The parables were familiar, the lost coin, the lost lamb and the lost son, we hid pennies, bleated like sheep and discussed the younger son’s treatment of his father.  We told the children that God the Father loved all of us no matter how small and insignificant we felt or how badly we behaved.

We acted out the story about Jesus visiting Martha and Mary for dinner and how the sisters hosted in their own particular way.


preparing a meal for Jesus and friends

We experienced the grace of Jesus on the cross, how he was accused and put to death for things he did not do just so we could all live forever with Him in heaven.  He forgave one of the criminals crucified with him because he believed,

“I promise that today you will be with me in Paradise,” He said.


On the final day we told about a miracle performed by Peter after Jesus had risen and ascended into heaven.

We met a lame beggar who sat at the temple gate every day with his hands out.

We talked about the special power Jesus had given his disciples before He left them.

We all jumped for joy when Peter took the beggar’s hand and he got up and walked for the first time in his life.

During the week we told the children that Jesus is there for them during all kinds of troubles, loneliness and fears, all we needed to do was remember,

“Jesus Rescues!”

I left each day wondering just how much the children got out of the bible lessons Hubs and I were sharing?

Were they able to relate them to their own lives?

I asked my children, now grown, what they remembered about VBS the few times they went?

“Snack…” my oldest son said.

“Friends,” my oldest daughter said.

“Games,” they all agreed.

“Dressing up,” my youngest daughter said.

“Memorization,” my youngest son said, “God so loved the world that He sent His only forgotten son.”

I laughed!

“No bible stories?” I asked.

“There were bible stories?”  They joked.

Hubs’ had memories too,

“Long corridors and a girl with waist length hair who sat in front of me.”

Our deacon at church said,

“The scroll work on the back of a chair that was at my eye level.  I examined its fine detail every day while we learned a song.”

And me?  I never went to Vacation Bible School.

At the end of our session this year I told Hubs,

“I don’t think I can come right out and say ‘No’ if asked to do this again next year; it’s only 4 mornings, but I don’t really find it fulfilling.”

“I understand, ” he said.

“But then,”  I questioned, “is self-fulfillment a requirement when doing God’s work?  Is it needed to be effective?”

One of my neighbors who was raised an Irish Catholic, said,

“It lays a foundation they will fall back on in later years…just like I’m doing now.”

I looked at her.

“That’s a good enough reason for me to say ‘Yes” without hesitation next year!  Thank you.”


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