Shads the Hunter…

I could hear the noise of a cat rummaging…

They’re all rummagers but I immediately thought of Shads.

He likes to pretend that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth,


but we know better….

He tends to take things and run off and we find them later without even realizing they’re missing,

a bag of homemade lozenges tastefully tucked under the nest loveseat,

a tea bag strewing its leaves artfully across a bathmat,

a corkscrew placed strategically under a sofa pillow…

So I went to investigate.

I found him staring intently at a bag of onions.

I moved closer so as not to distract him, as a hunter he sometimes finds a tiny beetle to scurry after,

or a fiesty spider to bat with his pink paw,

or a tiny worm to sniff,

or a scorpion… for which he gets a treat.

No live creature this time,


He was intently staring down a chili pepper…

daring it to move,

sniffing it,

prodding it,

and finally deciding it had a stalk and was quite portable…


He hopped down off the table, which is forbidden hunting ground by the way (!)

and as quickly as he scurried off I’d grabbed him and he dropped it like a hot potato, which in a way it was…

Can you imagine if he’d taken a bite out of it?

We already have one expensive cat living in the house,

No need for another!

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