Sophie’s One…

Our beautiful grand-daughter, Sophie, celebrated her first birthday recently and we had her party in Farmersville at the city park,

In true McNeny-style…

Picnics R Us!


A mess of chips and dip, drinks, bubbly and cake, of course.

All the relatives who were in town came and there were

lots of presents!


In addition to the proud and besotted parents,


there were grandparents,


Aunt Malia,


uncles, cousins…and dogs…to join the fun.

When all the gifts had been opened by Dad and the time came, she eventually settled down enough to eat a bite of her first birthday cake, custom made to size with pretty sprinkles and plenty of icing that smeared quite artfully over her pretty moccasins!


No worries.

She soon discarded the footwear and posed happily for more photographs, the star of the show in her adorable dinosaur romper and her preferred bare feet!


“Happy Bird-day dear Sophie!”

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2020-11-15 21:28:27 Reply

Great Day, Great Birthday and Great little girl! Happy Birthday Sophie Sparrow!

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