Happy Birthday Daughts…

This time 26 years ago I was at the Margot Perot Hospital…


Not for you but for my doctor.

I’d been stuck with a needle that caused blood to spurt all over the place.  I looked at the splatters on my gown and the walls and thought,

Wow, pumping blood really packs a punch.

All was ready for my fourth C-section, the staff were lined up, Hubs had his camera, I was sitting up patiently, smiling.


All of us waiting for Dr. Staub.

He finally breezed in, jovial and apologetic,

“First time I’ve ever slept through my alarm!” he said giving me a hug and shaking Hubs’ hand.

And we were off!

An hour later there you were bawling!


Note the date on the photo!!

Luckily Hubs had the magic touch and soon re-assured you that life on the outside was all right…maybe!


Life on the outside is all right…

As I said, that was twenty-six years ago!

I was still working full-time at Ticketmaster,

hadn’t started homeschooling,

theatre was somewhere we went to be entertained,

ballet was something I did to stay in shape,

church was where I bribed my children with cheerios to stay quiet,

a pool in the back yard wasn’t even on the horizon,

rock and roll music took Hubs away from home for months at a time,

making formula, washing bottles and potty training were never ending tasks,

and Gloria was still our babysitter while we pursued our professional dreams.

When I stop and think where the years went I can’t help but look back to the beginnings; everything was poised to unfold into what was to become a wild and carefree life.

But not before Hubs and I figured out who we were,

juggling parenthood with careers,

and trying to hang onto our identities as individuals.

Then you were born and the penny finally dropped and we flung ourselves whole heartedly into the joy and sanctity of family life.


I quit my job, we said goodbye to Gloria and decided to homeschool.

From then on we did everything together,

And you joined us for every burp, mis-hap and step of the way,


Broken arm, pointed toe, ritz and all!

layering experiences,

wrapping memories,

discovering talents,

embracing life,


growing rapidly.

Until one day…

You leaped into a world that was your oyster!


A world where your fearlessness took you to far off places,

your confidence opened doors and

your heart spilled over with passion.

A world where God is your Lord and savior directing your path,

where hard work and patience pays off and

where, when love walked in, it shone through your eyes.


Your beauty and peace come from that inner sanctuary you’ve nurtured over the years.

The part of you made in His Image.

May it always shine brilliantly for all to enjoy.

I am blessed to be your mother, to be a part of your journey.

Thank you.

I love you.

Happy Birthday Daughts!

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