Happy Birthday Twinks…

Happy Birthday Twinks!

I never thought I’d get to the day when I had to do a quick rekkie to determine how old you are.

To me 8 always sounds about right.  So I had to check last years’ cake to count the candles,


Let’s just eat the cake!

oops, there weren’t any…

Harley assures me though that you’re 28 today!

Of course I was just a spring chicken when the 200th anniversary of Bastille Day rolled round and coincided with the same day you graced us with your presence.  You were serenaded with a massive firework display over Paris, France,

(where Pops and I fell in love thirty-three years ago and pledged to name our first daughter after this romantic European city)

and I was awed by your arrival, Paris-Anne, aka Perriwinkle-Twink(el)letoes!

You’ve heard all the stories that begin with “28 years ago today…” (and now make me sound really old) so this time I’m going to take another tack.

When I was twenty-eight I was living on a Channel island, a long way from where I was born,

racing powerboats,

running a restaurant and bar,

sharing my life with a couple of dogs and driving an old, old landrover.

I was attending a little church where I was a reader,

my parents were still around and,

I was childless.

Life was quite different and things were about to change!

I married and moved my living to Texas where you joined the story a few years (and two boys) later.

At twenty-eight you’re living a few miles from where you grew up, still in the same State,

racing four dependent dogs around your garden,

(three now that you’ve re-homed Hendrix)


Bye-bye Hendrix!

Who knows, maybe next year this beaut will be mine…


Oh to be an only dog…

and then there’ll be two!

Working as a nanny to this lovely bundle of fun,


who is growing up nearly as quickly as you did…


Driving your first new car (not a Mustang…yet) and discovering that running into a young cow, who just happened to be on his way home at the same time you were, caused as much damage as clipping a Nissan Armada on the freeway…

Growing in confidence and managing to finagle deals and discounts with logical thinking and that beautiful smile.


From contractors, to installers, repairmen and salesmen…Don’t mess with Paris is the name of the game!

Enjoying holidays in San Francisco,

seeing bizarre sights on the streets and

touring the Island of Alcatraz where you got a taste of what it would be like to be locked behind bars…


Posing for the traditional canon photo,


and staying with big brother in L.A. where your dream of visiting Disneyand finally came true.

No matter that as a family we travelled to some great places Colorado, San Antonio, Austin, Galveston, Cancun, Broadstairs, London, Paris…

A photo with Minnie was apparently all you ever wanted…


Look at the two of you!

Have a cool birthday,

Love you lots and lots and looking forward to visiting you and your grill tomorrow!

Your Mums forever! xxx

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