Birthday Girl Too…

I made a cake for the birthday girl, I found it on my favorite cake website.  A panna-cotta filled strawberry creation!

I am very good at trying out new recipes for special occasions, a little bit of the maverick coming out in my kitchen, but as I was making it and then eating it later, I came up with a few tweaks that will transform the art of cake making in my house!

I was not crazy about the texture of the panna-cotta, perhaps because I had such a hard time converting leaves of gelatin to packets.  I don’t like jello!  I think a few eggs whipped into the creamy mixture would have settled the interior in a rather lovely way!

The cake was a hollowed out affair which immediately lends itself to all sorts of delicious concoctions with which to suffuse it.

Syrupy sweet, red wine turning a simple cake tipsy.

Decadently rich, chocolate mousse transforming an angel cake into heaven.

Tiramisu thick and coffee laced to add to the frivolity of an Italian wedding cake.

Hmmm, a cake bowl, the possibilities are endless!



On the evening of the Parmesan Chicken Special Occasion Dinner Party I unfolded the cake, spread it with whipped cream and decorated it with strawberries.


It looked impressive if nothing else, it was heavy, as in carrying it to the table singing Happy Birthday, heavy.

Happy Birthday Daughts!

And what else can I say that I haven’t already said!

You’re the best… and I love you with your perfect Cupid’s Bow.


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