And He Hadn’t Even Noticed…

We spent the afternoon in the company of our son, the wildlife expert and co-founder of Window to the Wild, a non-profit educational organization operating in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

He was making a ten gallon pot of chili from 30lbs of grass fed Wagyu beef brisket bought at McKinney’s own Local Yokel.

“I could never had done this in my tiny house,” he said appreciatively as he spread himself over my counter space and 9 foot refectory table, filled a 30 gallon leaf bag with peelings and used my commercial gas oven and stove-top to capacity.

The process took him about 6 or 7 hours between the smoking on Hubs’ grill and the oven roasting and I said goodbye to him a few minutes after 5 to take my walk with Daughts so we could be back at Footlights before night fall.

He passed me on the lane about ten minutes later on his way home to put the birds away for the night hoping his precious cargo of beef juices and pot of beans and veggies wouldn’t spill in his car because of any sudden swerves or stops on the way.


Chili safely home…looking good!

He made it!

Daughts and I jogged and walked boosting our heart rates and increasing our stamina,

“How do people run the whole 4 miles?” I wondered puffing and panting after a minute or two.

“How do people run marathons?” she asked stopping to bend over and hold the stitch in her side.

“Dogged practice…” I said as I came to a halt and continued at a brisk walking pace while catching my breath.

We arrived home at about 6 o’clock, with the sun on its way down and dusk at my heels.  The back door was locked.

“Let me in!”  I shouted peering into the kitchen where the cats sat waiting.

“Where were you?” Hubs asked as I stepped inside.

“On my walk,” I said with a duh inflection.

“No you weren’t!  I heard you pottering around in your office, talking to Ian, pouring your mug of hot water from the kettle…”

“Not me!” I said, wondering who else?  “I was walking!”

“Since when?”

“Since just before Simon left, I hugged him goodbye with you right there…and off I went!”

He scratched his head in bemusement.

“Obviously you didn’t miss me!”  I said with a laugh.

“Obviously not!”

That’s what it’s come to after 33 years of haves and to holds!

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