Happy Birthday Daughts…

I could start with,

“Twenty-three years ago…”

but I won’t…and yet I have…in one breath!

My happy delivery 23 years ago marked the beginning of who my youngest daughter is today.

Twenty-three years ago she began the folding of self,

year upon year,

to form the caring, sharing,

loving and carefree,


responsible and sensitive,

artistically beautiful


woman she is today.

Essentially she remains the same while her soul reaches for enlightenment.

For me two decades and three years ago was a magical way to start the New Year!

She and her very kissable, Cupid’s bow of perfection, dared anyone to resist her charms.


Her, father, brothers, sister..mother instantly fell under her spell.

All too soon the years that seemed to reach into the foreverness of babyhood, bottles and boo-boos, vanished.

In the blink-of-an-eye, without my noticing, my youngest became independent.

Three becomes twenty-three faster than the passing of a cheap Chinese meal.

Dancer Daughts, gracefully wears the years, layering them like gossamer, keeping the downy feathers close to her heart while she takes wing.

I watch from the sidelines and pray that those others, who now share her world with me,

Sense the Imago Dei shining from her eyes, then skipping quickly over the dimples in her cheeks to flutter across her perfect Cupid’s bow and deliver a smile that brightens your day with the grace of love.


As it always has.


Happy Birthday Malia!

I love and cherish you.



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2015-01-02 21:05:11 Reply

What a great mum for great daughter! Cheers all around for a job well done.


    2015-01-02 21:26:11 Reply

    and dad too!

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