All right it’s been a week;

And holidays are stressful aren’t they?

Would it be Ok to wish myself on a tropical beach to get away from the next few weeks?


In fact I believe that the difficulties we are set aren’t trials from God they are strengtheners,

From God.

At least that’s how I like to look at what is going on in my life.

We spent Thanksgiving with my newly wedded son and his bride and they insisted, by inviting us very firmly, to come early the day before so we could start cooking.

So we did.  We didn’t start cooking, we shopped.

We watched L-Sey Mac make pumpkin cupcakes while we visited in the   kitchen, enjoyed listening to Gil, the rose breasted cockatoo upstairs, go through his repertoire of,


‘smoker’s Cough, sneeze, Hi Gil, what are you doing?, whistle, whistle, whistle…” and so on.

Observed the blue winged macaws play and grapple with one another in their cage outside

and we rough and tumbled with the 14 week old Blue Aussie they were sitting.

The tea flowed effortlessly.

We wrote a menu.

Did you know young people today use their computers as cookbooks?  I found a brand new Betty Crocker in the cupboard and the cellophane hadn’t been removed!  The apple computer was behind me on the butcher’s block exposed to all kinds of kitchen dribbless and splashes.

The young married couple  left for work and we waited for Daughts to finish her nanny job and come over.

We made pies, cranberry crumble and prepared green bean casserole and she rough and tumbled with the 14 week Blue Aussie they were sitting,


Oh yes, and we turned the turkey in the brine it was soaking in outside in the garage.

We went to bed with Gil still coughing and arose to his cheerful,

“Hi Gil,” and went downstairs to oversee proceedings.  They didn’t have a roasting pan large enough for the massive 20lb bird so hubs popped out for that.

I watched L-Sey Mac frost and sprinkle her creations and then arranged them on a cake stand for all to admire.


Two more children arrived and we stopped, English style, for tea and…

“A cupcake?” we ventured.

A half a cupcake!

By one everything was ready to go in the oven while the turkey vacated its space and was set to rest.

We poured poinsettias and toasted the day.

It was time to take the dreaded family photo for our Chrstmas cards.

This year it was to be a ‘groupie’


Our 4th child hadn’t shown so we went ahead anyway because her line of communication wasn’t working.

After a delicious, over indulgent feast of which I have no photo, at least I don’t think I do, I should ask Daughts, we washed up and were too full to even look at dessert.

It was time to go outside and play with the birds, more photos were taken and then we watched as the newly weds gave the puppy dog, Gingie, some lessons in fetch.

She was quick to learn how to drop the stick after retrieving it.

Time for more tea and I made a valiant effort to eat a tiny sliver of pecan pie and chocolate trifle.

Still no 4th child but by this time we had received an OMG text about oversleeping.

We went back to Lindale at once happy and sad.

The Happy was the day had been a success.

Hubs lamented the long time spent cooking for just a few minutes eating.

I think we did well hanging out in the kitchen while we took it in turns to whip up our concoctions.

The Sad was the no-show.

But more about that later.

Maybe next week?

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