The Move…Again

Daughts has moved…again!

She moved when the lease was up on the Bro-Mates apartment

and then again last week.

She was so excited.

She had to hunt for the perfect place and found it first time out!


Then she had to do all the apartment lease things that makes moving such a tiresome process when you’re an old hand,

and exhilarating when it’s for the first time.

She had to prove she could earn enough to pay rent otherwise she’d have to have co-signers,

and nobody wanted that!

She had to get renter’s insurance and figure out how much her belongings were worth and if she needed to cover flood damage.

She had to find the best WiFi internet service because,

“There’s no way,”  she was advised by those who knew, “she would be able to manage on her phone data plan.”

She had to sign up for electricity or else there would be no…well…power to juice up her lights, air conditioning, microwave, stove, fridge and washer & dryer (oh, no, they took those away!).

She had to wait for all the initial paperwork to go through before she would find out if she was approved,

and how much she’d have to put down for a deposit.

She spent a couple of fingernail biting days on the phone with us, “What If-ing!”

Then the good news was her approval glowed and she didn’t have to pay a deposit and she got a bonus for dropping the name of the agent who ‘showed her the way’ to that particular complex.

She sang “Woo-Hoo” all the way home!

She had to pack….again!

She was given a chair and a dining table with chairs, and collected her bed from storage then discovered that somehow along the way she had lost her pillows…

They’d gone to LA to take part in The Other Move Story.

Then the big day came and she was beside herself.

The leasing manager thought it hilarious that she asked her to take a picture of her showing off her writing skills,



so did one of her big brothers,


She’s soooo happy to have her own place, with wooden floors too,


She even has books which she proudly displayed for me!


“Have you read I’ll be There  by Holly Goldberg Sloan, yet?”  I asked…again!

The boy in it is named Sam!

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