Pot-Bellied Pig 2…

Each morning after our walk I trot up to the barn to open the door so that my little kitties, Shadow and Magic, can run out,


We have a ritual, I shake about a dozen Friskies Party Mix into my hand and take a seat on the leather couch gracing the Western barn door and feed them six treats each.

They lick my palm when I show they’ve all gone and purr contentedly before beating me to their food bowls where they mew expectantly as I dispense half a cup of special Purina kitten chow.

I check their water and then head back to the front porch of our house to write my journal, sip green tea and read through morning prayer with Hubs.

The kitties join us to snuggle and play before settling down on the doormat or under the truck in our garage for the day.

One morning I was filling up their water bowls from the hose and heard a rustling behind me.

A little black pig was coming my way.


I watched her as she ate some of the cat food that had spilled on the ground; she made delicious grunting sounds.

She had adorable pink feet,

“Trotters,” Hubs corrected me later.

I scratched her very bristly body and decided she probably was someone’s pet pot bellied pig


and absent mindedly felt around her neck for a collar.

No tag.

Someone was missing her I bet!

I returned to the house and Shadow raced after me weaving between my legs, wanting to be as close to me as possible.

I picked him up and turned to watch the pig snuffling around the barn,

“Magic!”  I called, trying to spot the black kitten in the tall grass, “Magic!”

The pig pricked up her ears and started towards me, tail wagging,


She slowly ambled up to my feet where I bent and tickled her snout,

“So your name’s Magic too!”  I said, “What a coincidence!”

She snorted happily, it was the funniest sound I’d ever heard so early in the morning!

She had my heart!

“So she’s in a pen now?”  My bird trainer son texted when I sent pictures of my uninvited visitor.

“I could have adopted her but she so obviously belonged to someone,” I answered.

That’s the last I’ve seen of her and now I’m worried one of our hunter neighbors has taken a shot at her.

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