Shads the Thief…

Shadow is quite a character.

He responds to his name like a dog,

He fetches like a dog.

He growls like a dog.

He loves his tummy rubbed like a dog.

He knows simple commands like “no”, “down” “come along,”and “inside,” like a dog.

But he steals like a Magpie!

Whenever I’m dusting or cleaning, he’ll pick up any sponge or the cloth I’ve set down for a minute and run off  either to examine it more closely under a piece of furniture or bring it to me in the other room.

One day we left two pieces of salmon, vacuum sealed and frozen, defrosting in the sink while we popped up to the barn.

When we returned there was only once piece in the sink and we traced the missing portion to the nest where it had been opened and chewed on.  I cooked it separately and gave it to the cats for their afternoon treat..when the novelty of having salmon for dinner had worn off they turned up their contrary little noses.

We did not know for certain that Shads had been the culprit in the salmon episode until last night when I watched him casually make his way over to a few things we had defrosting on the side…


Just looking!

Fascinated I watched him edge his way to a better vantage point,


where he could tap at it to provoke a reaction.

Satisfied at the response he swiftly hopped down onto the counter and snagged one of the salmon pieces.


He was off in a flash and dropped it in his haste to get under the refectory table,

he turned back and snagged it again


and rushed to the end of the bench where he dropped it onto the floor.

He hung over the edge of the bench, eyes on the other cats daring them to come anywhere close with a low growl of warning….


I started towards the frozen morsel and but he was too quick, he pounced on it and was off, and away…

ShadsThief6head held high to stop it thudding against his chest.

He rounded the sofa and flew under the chair where I was able to retrieve the piece none the worse for its mis-adventure.

In future I need to remember to defrost my food under cover….

Or in the fridge!

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