Goats ‘n’ Grapes and the Naming of Kids…

The winery down the road has had two sets of kids born this spring when the bluebonnets were in full bloom,


Bluebonnets at Caudalie Crest Winery

which means milking and goat’s feta cheese…


At pizza night a few weeks ago we were talking about the naming of the latest pair of youngsters,

“We’ve already named the first set Mustard and Mayo.  We”ve decided on Pickles for the little white one but we’re having a bit of a problem with the other name…” the owner said over a glass of wine.

“Well…what are the options?” We asked as a group, always eager to help with the naming of babes and new wines,

“Ketchup seemed an obvious choice but we were worried people would spell it Catsup…” As if the young goat had school in her future followed by a lifetime of a mis-spelled name, like me!

“Sooo….what did you decide on?”


We all looked up from our bacon jam and gorgonzola with arugula pizza.

“As if anyone can spell that!” Someone quipped.

‘We laughed and took another bite of pizza while making a mental note to add in the second ‘r’ if ever we found ourselves writing her name…

…or we could at least learn to pronounce it properly!

“I’ll just go and give Pickles some sugar,” Daughts said when she came up to Caudalie Crest for a glass of wine the following weekend,

“I can spell her name no prob!”



They both just love to be cuddled.

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