Nomadic Cooking…

There is something about the nomadic life that is growing on me.

Although I am craving removing my stuff from storage and getting settled back into a home

I don’t want any old home.

So, the time is moving slowly while we wait for just the right place, or plot of land, or boat, or tiny house, or barn to come our way

In the meantime we have to eat and have become quite inventive when it comes to limited space/utensils/serving bowls/ tables and kitchens.

In fact this is something God has been putting in my way for years now, ever since I was at boarding school…making myself at home wherever I happen to be.

Clever isn’t He?

We took the fixings for stuffed portobello mushrooms over to Daughts’ delightful nest and threw them together with aplomb,


had a lovely chat and walked around her complex while they cooked and then pulled up some chairs around her table for two and made a face,


See the Banksy mug holding my hot water?

See the Wispa and the unopened bottles of wine!?

At the suites where we are living for a week or two we make some killer salads, my favorite is a Sunday evening special, cold salmon shredded with balsamic, salt and pepper and little dash of hot sauce, set on a bed of avocado, tomatoes and onion in turn set on a bed of spicy greens and topped with a few shrimp,


nothing untoward lurking in this picture except the pen…and the absence of salmon…oops!  Too many glasses of wine!

Our son gave us some pastry made from a 200 year old English recipe…I asked him how he made it and he starts with melting the lard in hot water and I said,

“Hot water pastry, my mother used to make that…”

I had to roll it out with a makeshift rolling pin,


but the pie, a chicken and mushroom in cream sauce, turned out perfectly,


see the Brussel sprouts cannily lurking in the handled serving dish (aka a saucepan!)?

We may be nomads, but we aren’t going hungry!

Tonight we have forgone the oven and decided to make do with cake and ice cream…



Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself!

Besides, we never have room for dessert when we eat a well rounded, whole meal first!

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