I Feel I’ve Been Here Before…

Last year I had three weeks to plan Daughts’ wedding.

A small affair, immediate family only, with the promise of a large party Next Year.

And here we are, next year already!

The large party, this weekend, is for friends of the newly weds who will have been married a year…

Tagged by my film-maker son as The Friend-Ception.

Hubs and I are footing the bill and decking out the main house at Footlights to look beautiful and welcoming for their friends to come and eat and start off the evening.

I have sprung the tulle from the attic and ordered hundreds of extra yards to transform the barn.


We found a catering service that is reasonably priced and takes the pressure off our having to shop for and cook the food.

All I’m making is an Italian Wedding and trimming it with hugs,


The barn is going to be for the cake cutting, beer drinking, music, dancing and games after dinner.

And lots of photos we hope.

Happy memories are flooding back…

Daughts and I are decorating,


making lists,

arranging flowers,

buying dresses,

working out the logistics,

hunting down photos,

borrowing and


And the rain keeps coming!

The grass is green, the trees are lush and my Cannas are blooming,


And I keep thinking,


I’ve been here before…

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