Hot Air Balloon…

Sitting in bed one Sunday morning I heard what sounded like wind sighing loudly in the trees.

I looked high into the woods, not a leaf was stirring.

I continued with my papers and tea.

The noise came again, once more I checked the movement of the highest branches…


“Did you hear that?” I asked Hubs.

“What?” he asked.

“That sound.  Like a wind thundering down a tunnel, only there’s no wind.”

He listened, it came again and he got up to look outside the window,

“It’s a balloon,” he said.


I hastily put down my mug and jumped up and into my jeans and jacket and headed for the car.

“You coming?” I called back over my shoulder.

“Are you walking?” he asked.



We followed it down the lane, clicking pictures and finally watched it make a very graceful descent into the field opposite the horse farm.

Was it planned or accidental?

Either way there were people to meet it in a truck with a trailer.


I texted our neighbor,

“Impressive hot air balloon descent into your field this morning!”

“Really?  I missed it!” she texted back.

“I was wondering if perhaps that was the two of you doing the ultimate in social distancing!?”

Three tear induced laughter emoji’s were her response.

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