The Polar Vortex Hits Footlights…

It had been cold for a few weeks…in fact the horses were having a break from me because it was rainy, muddy and downright miserable.  Their water had to be broken into, their grass was dead and they were wearing blankets and coats.  The air was filled with their breath and the tears from their eyes were frozen before they fell.

A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, said on Saturday,

“Well, if it’s going to get this cold let’s at least see some snow!”  the wish fell straight out of her mouth with a flurry-

and the following morning-



A robin waiting its turn at one of the feeders I’d topped up when the temperatures first dipped.

I was prompted to scatter loose seed on the ground and in my pavilion and garage to accommodate the larger birds crowding the feeders and both locations soon became the favourite night shelter for the week.

My cats had a field day bird watching from every window.

On that first afternoon Hubs and I bundled up and took a stroll around the property to see what the artic vortex had brought;

the creek had frozen,


Our table and benches, on a secluded hill, sported a thick coat of snow, making it look attractively comfortable.

However we didn’t succumb, instead I wrote,

Vivyun loves ElRay

to spoil the perfectly pristine covering.


Charlie was beside herself with excitement when we headed down our drive;

the workmen who usually shared their lunch with her, were no longer on the site she supervised across from her house and she was happy to see familiar faces.

No biscuits for her though as I was wearing a different coat.

She rewarded me with her SFB – Sad Faced Bitch – Look!


Not one to hold grudges she rallied and followed us anyway, wherever we were headed!

The front gate hadn’t caught any snow,


but I still felt as if I’d entered C.S.Lewis’ Narnia…

and was unable to find the lamp-post that marked my way out!


It was around 28ºF at that point and I was still in Uggs with no face covering.

Believe me it was preparing to get colder and dip to 0ºF  and I was going to be in for some frigid morning walks to look after our neighbours’ cat…

Young Sophie was tramping around in Caddo Mills but her Dad said she could only take so much of the cold before reaching up to be carried inside.

They had to play quickly…


No time for snowmen, or snowball fights or snow angels.

But a Cardinal did leave his wing imprint when he landed with them spread.


Although the views across Footlights were spell-binding and beautiful when the polar vortex silently swept across the state,

Hubs and I held up the hundreds of struggling Texans in prayer,

those without electricity,

those with burst water pipes,

those with flooded homes,

those doing their utmost to counter the devastating effects of this winter storm by helping others in their communities.

God Bless all of you.

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